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North Bengal’s biggest family destination


City Centre, Siliguri is a high point in the evolution of a growing metropolis that is increasingly influenced by four major drivers - quality housing, quality working, quality shopping and quality entertainment. While each of these activities had existed for decades, they were independent of each other. As we try and improve upon them, we will have lesser time to spare and hence the integration of these activities becomes necessary.

Siliguri has a vivid mix of local, transit and tourist population. City Centre will keep drawing visitors from both in and out of Siliguri - from adjacent foothills, the hills, the neighbouring areas, the borders and from across the City, providing a unique experience.

Developed over a ten-acre expanse, it is a multi-utility complex that is the confluence of diverse interests, a hub of activity, a breathing space for people-on-the run, a fantasy land for kids, a gen-next hangout and a place Siliguri will be possessive about. City Centre Siliguri is all about this...and it’s getting better every day.

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